Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach Books For The End of the World

Hell, why not yet another review of the best beach books? The beach is ruined, unless you're in California or Italy, where you can't afford it anyway. Might as well put a few beverages on ice, stay home and kick back with some slam-bang entertainment. In the new (killer) issue of Bookslut, you'll find my latest column, "Mystery Strumpet's Nifty-Keen Beach Books Round-Up," taking a jaundiced eye at some unusual suspects, among them James Earl Ray, George Carlin, Ian Fleming, Steve McQueen and Johnny Depp ('s big brother), among many others.

In the same issue, you'll find a hilarious essay on "Stalking Dave Eggars" by Elizabeth Ellen, an interview with the immortal Joe Kubert by Bookslut's increasingly impressive Aussie Martyn Pedler, an interview with rising star Brady Udall (The Lonely Polygamist) and a truly depressing but enlightening piece on the aging of Gen-X writers.

Reading Bookslut will make you a new man. Even if you didn't start out as one. Good trick, yeah?