Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where The Hell Is Don Winslow?

I can't recall if Bang! has ever had an exclusive before, but this one's not bad.

To the left, you'll find the preliminary art for Don Winslow's new novel SAVAGES, due from his new publisher, Simon & Schuster, in July.

And if you wander over to Bookslut, you'll find this month's column, "Waiting for Don Winslow," in which I track the elusive author to his lair in California to talk about crime, the P.I. trade, Surfbonics and literary minimalism. When you combine my own obsession with a single author's output, a gracious interview subject, and a hell of a good book - in this case, two - it turns out pretty good every now and then, much to my surprise.

Go read something good, and give Don your nod of approval by tracking down The Dawn Patrol, The Winter of Frankie Machine, and pretty much anything else he writes. He's the real deal.

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