Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Forgotten Books

Before I take myself online for a few days, here's one last bulletin from the electronic trenches. A few weeks ago, I got a very polite and kind request from Patti Abbott, the prolific short story writer and blogger, who also happens to be the mother of Edgar Award-winning novelist Megan Abbott (Bury Me Deep).

Patti asked me if I'd be willing to contribute an entry for her popular and wide-ranging series of blog posts called "Friday's Forgotten Books." Naturally, I'd seen plenty of J. Kingston Pierce's entries at the Rap Sheet and told Patti I would be happy to contribute.

So, today at Patti's blog, you can find my entry on the two more mainstream novels by the late novelist James Robert Baker, both of which I've been raving about since I was 17 years old. Go forth, and discover the buried treasure of Boy Wonder and Fuel-Injected Dreams as well as Patti's entry on Michael Frayn's terrific boyhood drama Spies and novelist Craig Johnson's take on James Norman Hall's Doctor Dogbody's Leg.

And just for the record, my runners-up were Gustav Hasford's The Short-Timers (the basis for the Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket); the spellbinding chess drama Queen's Gambit by the late genius Walter Tevis (who famously wrote The Hustler and The Man Who Fell To Earth), and the only true mystery in competition, Roger L. Simon's launch of the Moses Wine series, The Big Fix. I can think of plenty of other contenders off the top of my head, but somehow Forgotten Books makes me nostalgic for all my old paperbacks. I just might have to do this more often.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

My gosh, I loved the Moses Wine book and Walter Tevis' work as well. You have to come back and do them sometime soon. I am adding your link so I don't let you escape.