Monday, June 1, 2009

Dead Boys Giveaway

The good news: Richard Lange has finished the follow-up to his fantastic book of short stories, Dead Boys. His debut novel, This Wicked World, will be published at the end of the month by Little, Brown. Kirkus Reviews calls it "Smartly entertaining noir, and a promise of better reviews to come."

You can get a sneak peek of the book by reading my new column at Bookslut, "Beautiful Losers," which includes a brief sampling of the prose as well as a brand new interview with the author. "It’s got drug dealers, dog fighting, crazy strippers, big guns, kung fu, a rattlesnake, and a fortune in counterfeit bills: something for everyone," says Lange.

The better news: I talked Little, Brown out of a few copies of Dead Boys, and I'm giving them away as a public service. For a shot at winning one of my three copies, do the following:

1. Email me at claywriting (at), using the subject line "Dead Boys." Include your name, email address and a mailing address.

2. Tell me your favorite Los Angeles-based book or film, and why.

That's it. On June 12, I'll randomly pick three winners and mail copies of Dead Boys to the lucky trio.

Good luck.

UPDATE: The books are on their way, and weirdly enough, all of the winners are from Southern California. Congratulations to Kathy, Nolan and Victor for winning. I think. They might change their minds once they read the book and start looking around. But let's hope not.