Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two-Minute Warning

Turns out Elmore Leonard hasn't had enough of the movies quite yet. It looks like Harper Collins is looking for a trailer for his new book, Road Dogs. The fan-made trailer is to be no longer than two minutes, has to be submitted by May 1st, and should have "intrigue, edge and energy," according to the publisher's web site.

A better deal than most: the winner will be selected by Dutch himself, and will win a signed copy of Road Dogs, which is pretty cool. And a Kindle, but still.

You can read the first eight chapters of Road Dogs at Entertainment Weekly, so you can get caught up on Jack Foley, Cundo Rey, and Dawn Navarro, who all star in the book.

If I were entering the contest, I'd be digging up some illegal footage from Out Of Sight, personally. When I talked to Elmore Leonard about the book back in January, he said, "Foley, of course, was played so memorably by George Clooney. He says he doesn't know if he wants to play this character again, but you never know."

Come on, George. You'll go back to ER, but you won't get back in the trunk with J-Lo?

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