Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Kirkus Specials

While I'm thinking about it, it's worth posting up a couple of projects from the good folks at Kirkus Reviews that have recently gone to print.

Last month saw the release of the Audiobooks Special, celebrating a format that remains near and dear to my heart. Within, you'll find an audience with the talented narrators who tackled Issac Asimov's The Stars Like Dust (Stephen R. Thorne), John Grisham's The Associate (Erik Singer) and a terrific new BBC Audiobooks adaptation of Peter Benchley's Jaws, read by veteran actor Erik Steele, who's lately been burning up Broadway with his performance in 33 Variations with Jane Fonda and Samantha Mathis.

You'll also find a bit of my conversation with novelist Dan Simmons about his new novel Drood as well as plenty of features by other contributors including an interview with presidential debate moderator Gwen Ifill, spotlights on new audiobooks by Stephen King, Jimmy Carter and Larry Wilmore, and a peek at a cool new collection of shorts read by Academy Award winner William Hurt.

Meanwhile, in the just-released Nonfiction Special, a hellacious variety of writers speak truth to power about subjects ranging from dirty movies to guerilla warfare. I got to talk to an old acquaintance from way back, Brad Matsen - well known for his psychedelic scientific collaborations with artist Ray Troll - about his fascinating submersion into the life of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Up-and-coming dramatist Said Sayrafiezadeh talked about his new memoir, When Skateboards Will Be Free, while Larry Tye gave me the rundown on his new biography of Kansas City legend Satchel Paige.

I recently had a near-miss with one of the world's most controversial evolutionary biologists in working on a special coming out next month. But I got a good practice run in by talking with Robert Wright about his new book The Evolution of God, due out in June. I also got a real treat in getting to read an early copy of the new book from James McManus, who wrote the classic crime story Positively Fifth Street. I expect a huge showing in the fall for his new history book Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker, due out in November from FSG.

Within, you'll also find Craig Nelson's massive history of the moon shot (Rocket Men), an illustrated history of the Obama campaign by the editors of the New York Times (Obama: The Historic Journey) and a terrific interview with French cartoonist Emmanuel Guibert about his new collaboration with late photojournalist Didier Lefevre, The Photographer.

There. Isn't it nice to have things to look forward to?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link to your 2007 review of audio books. I would have missed that one. Audio books are an excellent way to fit in more books and pass time in traffic. The linked images by Lefevre were very powerful. I appreciate the information.