Monday, April 6, 2009

The Long Fall

Because of my slightly delayed schedule in taking it to print, it seems like I'm the last person in America to interview Walter Mosley about The Long Fall, but I was actually the first. I managed to squeeze in what's becoming a semi-annual call to the author in December, long before the book's publication just a few days ago, but Walter has rightly and deservedly been on a publicity riot for weeks now. Anyway, you can get my take on the book, and his, in "Walter Mosley Takes New York," my 45th (!) column for Bookslut.

As usual, the rest of the issue is well worth checking out. I'm impressed as hell myself with a whole bunch of the newer writers, not to mention all the other crusty old columnists like myself. Paul Morton sits down with 80-year-old legendary cartoonist Jules Feiffer about The Phantom Tollbooth and Carnal Knowledge, among myriad other topics. Michele Filgate talks Tesla with novelist Samantha Hunt (The Invention of Everything Else), while David Varno talks punk rock and short stories with Wells Tower (Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned), and Geoffrey Goodwin gets weirdboiled with debut novelist Paul Tremblay (The Little Sleep). Go read. This is the good stuff.

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