Monday, March 2, 2009

The Hell You Say

For every thing that dies, another is born. Even as The Rocky Mountain News goes on to its final reward, my online musings continue unabated at Bookslut.

Here, you can find my new column, "The Hell You Say," and get the inside scoop from three terrific writers. Dan Simmons talks about his Dickensian gothic Drood, while my British amigo Tom Cain comes out from under cover to discuss No Survivors. I also finally accomplished the longtime goal of questioning Greg Rucka, a writer I much admire, about his latest Atticus Kodiak novel, Walking Dead.

In other words, lots of discussion of Charles Dickens, renegade assassins, human trafficking, the character development of action heroes, the mechanics of writing, and exploding nipples.

It didn't make the final cut, but I would have been remiss if I hadn't quizzed Rucka about the status of Whiteout, the film adaptation of his stellar graphic novel. The movie stars Kate
Beckinsale, and Greg tells me that what he's seen is visually very cool and that the rest of us will get to see U.S. Marshall Carrie Stetko on the big screen in September. He also gives a good account of visiting the set in Montreal.

"I don't think I'll ever forget the moment I first saw Kate Beckinsale," Rucka recalls. "I had walked into a dark soundstage. The red lights went off and she came off the set wearing the cold weather gear and the army hat. She had these bits of ice and snow on her and she was just so pretty she made your chest hurt."

I'm also pleased to report that Rucka and longtime collaborator Steve Lieber are making progress on the last of three Whiteout stories, the final chapter now titled Whiteout: Night.

"Steve and I always joked that if they made the movie, we would craft the last story," he says. "I've always known what the last story would be, ever since we made Whiteout: Melt. I even knew what the ad campaign would look like. It was always going to be one of those galvanized metal coffins being loaded into the back of a C-130. The tagline reads, 'Carrie's leaving the ice. The only question is how.'"

If for some lunatic reason you haven't taken a shot at Whiteout, here are some nearly full-issue previews of the original graphic novel and its sequel, thanks to our buddies at Oni Press. Enjoy.

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