Monday, March 2, 2009

The Angel of Death Is Here For You

Here's some good news on a Monday morning. It looks like comic book writer Ed Brubaker has launched his direct-to-web series "Angel of Death," starring stuntwoman and actress Zoe Bell (looking particularly dangerous over on the left). Here's a description of the show, from

"Nobody looks for the Beretta, when all they see is a slinky chick in a cocktail dress. Noir comic book legend Ed Brubaker cuts deep with the story of Eve, a hot woman with a heart of ice. Zoe Bell steps in as an assassin haunted by visions after a bloody encounter with a very big knife. In this, the most ambitious web series ever created, Zoe makes bare knuckle boxing a thing of beauty, and a head wound as sexy as sin. Lucy Lawless, Doug Jones, and Ted Raimi all show up for the ride, but few come out alive. If the sight of blood bothers you, just keep your eyes on her other assets, and remember she can grab your heart with her looks or her hand, your choice."

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