Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Questioning The Usual Suspects

Wow, it's early this year. Now online, you can find the results of the project that I spend my entire December holidays working on every year: The Kirkus Reviews Mysteries and Thrillers Special.

Within these bloody pages, you can find the bite-sized spotlights boiled down from hours and hours of conversations about bad guys, blunt objects, and the mechanics of the fugitive life. My personally scribbled spotlights include interviews with Elmore Leonard, Charlie Huston, Walter Mosley, Richard Lange, Tom Cain, and Greg Rucka, as well as the feature on Charles Ardai and Hard Case Crime.

And that's just my two cents. Also inside, you'll find previews of a bunch of great books heading for store shelves (or your Amazon wish list, if you prefer), including the good doctor Josh Bazell's Beat The Reaper, Cara Black's Murder in the Latin Quarter, Denis Johnson's Nobody Move, and Loser's Town by Hollywood insider Daniel Depp (whose brother is in a bunch of pirate movies or something, apparently. Yeah, that Johnny).

Enjoy. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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