Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Medal of Honor

Tales from a hotel room in Los Angeles.

"THE GRAVEYARD BOOK," said fourteen loud voices, and I thought, I may be still asleep right now, but they probably don't do this, probably don't call people and sound so amazingly excited, for Honors books....

"...just won..."

"THE NEWBERY MEDAL" they chorused. They sounded really happy. I checked the hotel room because it seemed very likely that I was still fast asleep. It all looked reassuringly solid.

You are on a speakerphone with at least 14 teachers and librarians and suchlike great, wise and good people, I thought. Do not start swearing like you did when you got the Hugo. This was a wise thing to think because otherwise huge, mighty and fourletter swears were gathering.

Congratulations to Mr. Gaiman for his latest achievement. Even though he totally and unfairly killed us in the Best Literature category for this year's Weblog Awards. For more fun, you can go watch my boss interview him, with movement and sound and everything, just like on the teevee.

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