Friday, January 23, 2009

Blood and Arrows

In this morning's edition of the Rocky Mountain News (fingers crossed, the ink is still flowing down there) you'll find my review of Agincourt, a riveting, blood-soaked adventure novel that recounts the famous battle in the words of Bernard Cornwell, the famous British author of the Sharpe series.

War is hell. The mechanics of combat and the justification for conflicts fluctuate between centuries, but the primal terror and rapture that grip men facing combat are inevitable.

One of our most gifted historical novelists, Bernard Cornwell, brings his storytelling skills to bear in capturing war's terrible drama in Agincourt, depicting a remarkable, costly English victory during the Hundred Years War....

Just for kicks, here's a few more takes on the novel. At the Washington Post, the book is reviewed (with a close look at its historical accuracy and religious undertones) by, of all people, Diana Gabaldon, the Arizona-based novelist and author of the Outlander series.

Back at Harper Collins, you can read an excerpt from the novel and hear an interview with Bernard Cornwell at the publisher's Prosecast podcast site. Over at Powell's, the author has contributed an original essay with some very readable back story of the famous battle.

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