Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving On

For your reading pleasure while I'm away.

Wander on down the road to Bookslut and you'll find this month's contemplations on "Age, Wisdom and Treachery," or more specifically an inadequate but heartfelt salute to George Carlin and a passing nod to James Lee Burke and Lawrence Block's latest anti-mysteries.

And over at Kirkus Reviews, you can peruse some of the more eclectic (read: not hyped into the stratosphere already) choices from the Fall fiction and nonfiction catalogs in the Fall Preview Special. My entries included a nice correspondence with David Liss about lawyers, guns, revolutionaries, whiskey and his new novel, The Whiskey Rebels, and with marketing professor Don Thompson about The $12 Million Stuffed Shark, in which he dissects the mass appetite for modern art and the weird mechanics that drive the auction market.

I'm also about hip-deep in Dennis Lehane's magnum opus The Given Day and will report back on the Boston-based author's achievement if it doesn't get me first. I also suspect that if you wander over to the Rocky Mountain News books section in the next week or two, you'll find my feature review of Christopher Buckley's new comedy Supreme Courtship.

But I won't be around to walk you through it. Bang! will be offline for a few weeks while I relocate the lair back where it belongs.