Monday, July 14, 2008

Doc Savage, Eat Your Heart Out

So if you were lucky, you grew up on beaten-up copies of paperback pulp fiction (think old Conan novels, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Doc Savage, and a host of melodramatic imitators). If you're that kid at heart, this news from Charles Ardai at Hard Case should make your ears perk right up.

New York (July 14, 2008) – Charles Ardai, Edgar Award-winning author and creator of the acclaimed pulp mystery series Hard Case Crime, today announced a new series of pulp novels scheduled to debut in the summer of 2009: The Adventures of Gabriel Hunt. Featuring painted covers in the grand pulp tradition by artist Glen Orbik, the series will chronicle the travels and travails of modern-day explorer Gabriel Hunt, who scours the globe in pursuit of precious artifacts, lost civilizations, and secrets that could save the world…or destroy it.

These books are for anyone who grew up reading H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs or watching Harrison Ford wield his bullwhip at the movies,” said Ardai. “We’re talking classic adventure fiction, complete with horses, snakes, shovels, pickaxes, torches, traps, bottomless pits, barroom brawls, jungles, jewels, and just about everything else that’s ever made your heart beat faster.”

Authorship of each book will be credited to Gabriel Hunt himself, with the hands behind the Hunt nom-de-plume scheduled to include some of Hard Case Crime’s most popular authors. The first title is due to hit bookstores in May 2009, with subsequent titles following every other month. Readers eager to get a glimpse of Gabriel Hunt in action can visit, where one of Orbik’s paintings depicts the hero in a characteristic moment of peril.

Like Hard Case Crime before it, the Gabriel Hunt series is a true labor of love,” said Ardai. “Everyone working on it is doing so with a wild gleam in the eye and the gas pedal pressed to the floor, and the result is the sort of exultant seat-of-the-pants storytelling that makes you feel 14 years old all over again.” Gabriel Hunt’s initial adventures are expected to take him to Borneo, Guatemala, Turkey, Egypt, Antarctica, and the Kalahari Desert

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