Monday, June 16, 2008

Deep Blue Hero

Funny how much weird information about a project you can gather if you start turning over stones.

Via The Rap Sheet and In Reference To Murder comes news via The Hollywood Reporter that director Gary Fleder (Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead) is in talks to direct a film adaptation of John D. MacDonald's novel The Deep Blue Good-By featuring errant knight Travis McGee.

Although you do have to take film media with a grain of salt. Like this gem, from the PR bite. "MacDonald, who wrote the novel on which both "Cape Fear" movies are based, is seen as a predecessor to Carl Hiaasen and other darkly comic crime novelists." Right. Predecessor. Idiots.

This is not terribly exciting news, given this is the guy who also gave us Kiss The Girls (not that a Patterson film was going to blow anybody's skirt up) and Runaway Jury but he did shoot an episode of The Shield and some other halfway decent television work.

Meanwhile back in the world of print, Entertainment Weekly has a little blurb about the project in this week's issue. "Robert Downey Jr. is being courted by studios that want to help him sustain his much-heralded comeback. Following his role in the year's highest-grossing movie (Iron Man), he's one again on their must-have list. In recent weeks, the 43-year-old actor has had his eye on various projects, including Twentieth Century Fox's Travis McGee (based on John D. MacDonald's detective series), Warner Bros.' Sherlock Holmes update from director Guy Ritchie, Gary Ross' fantasy/comedy Dog Years at Universal and Brett Ratner's Hugh Hefner biopic, among others."

Realize, too, that this is the third go-round for McGee. As recently as 1983, McGee came to the small screen in a television adaptation of The Empty Copper Sea with Sam Elliot, of all people, as old Trav and television staple Gene Evans as Meyer. McGee's first outing was in 1970's Darker Than Amber with Aussie actor Rod Taylor in the lead role and Theodore Bikel as his philosophical sounding board.

Maybe the third time's the charm.

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