Monday, May 5, 2008

Men In Black Hats

It's a one-two punch of detective fiction at Bookslut this month. For starters, you can peruse my decidedly retro-oriented column this month with the overly wordy title, "Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Dead." A title which, come to think of it, won't make any sense whatsoever to anybody under the age of 20 without a working knowledge of Tom Wolfe or Ken Kesey. But irrelevant asides aside, it delves into a fistful of new crime novels set in those heady days before technology got the best of us.

In another terrific and well-thought-out column, the talented Colleen Mondor also gives us a rundown on "Kid P.I.," taking on crackerjack mysteries (starring protagonists who probably still eat Cracker Jack, actually).

In my last stab for the month at black hat fiction, the Rocky Mountain News has my featured review on the sophmore western by Leif Enger, the bestselling author of book club favorite Peace Like A River. Dubbed "The new pulp Western," by my gifted editor, the review gives a nicely rounded and complimentary take on So Brave, Young and Handsome.

As you were.