Monday, March 3, 2008

Meanwhile, Down On The Lower East Side

...and so you may have noticed I was gone for a while. An aforementioned crisis decided to relaunch itself as a full-on volcanic relapse last month, necessitating my presence in other places in the meantime. So.

But I haven't been resting on my laurels. Here's a few reviews and stories to catch up to where we were before things went all to hell.

For starters, there's the Kirkus Reviews Mystery and Thrillers Special, now available to download in Acrobat/PDF format. You can check out my feature on Tom Cain's The Accident Man and an interview with literary novelist-not-a-crime-author-dammit Richard Price as well as sneak peeks at new titles by Lee Child, Benjamin Black, George Pelacanos and other usual suspects.

In the interest of waste not, want not, I've also utilized the surplus of my conversation with the author of Lush Life into this month's mystery column, "Richard Price and the Lush Life," now available at Bookslut.

As an aside, I discovered quite by accident that somebody must be reading the column each month. I was reading the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on Friday, enjoying their lead critic Jennifer Reese's similarly-minded take on Lush Life and found one of my interviews quoted in the sidebar. An odd moment, to say the least.

I'll also have my own review up eventually at the Rocky Mountain News, but in the meantime, you can go to their characteristically eclectic books section to find my short review of Charles Baxter's new mind-melter The Soul Thief as well as several stories on the upcoming Left Coast Crime conference in Denver and an interview with guest of honor Stephen White.

I'm taking a month off from Bookslut to catch my breath, but should return to form in April to launch year four of this babbling sideline of mine.