Tuesday, December 11, 2007

She's Just A Little Tease

I'm not sure the graphic here does the column justice but if you wander over to Bookslut, you can read my latest mutterings, "Books For Dangerous Women," which lands a few well-deserved blows aimed at those Dangerous Book knock-offs currently wasting space on bookstore shelves, gives a little tease of a newly minted female noir anthology, and points hard-hearted readers towards a few other femme fatales lurking in the mystery section.

It's a little light this month owing to the holidays but the issue also contains a pair of nice pieces by the effusive Colleen Mondor, a look at the highly praised new graphic novel Shooting War by Jeff Vandermeer and a shootout between Gourmet and Bon Appetit, no less. I imagine hurled cutlery and bloodsoaked aprons, but it's probably just me.

Bulletin ends. As you were.

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