Thursday, August 9, 2007

Crooked Little Things

For you futuristic, techno-clever sorts, Warren Ellis is reading from Crooked Little Vein in Second Life this afternoon. And apparently, the publicists have even managed to dig up a free CLV t-shirt (pictured) for attendees, as well as a body tattoo (if, that is, Ellis' fans have any vacant skin left on their pieced, pale little bodies). He's the only writer I know whose SL fans look almost the same as his real life devotees.

Ellis also has a crazy, deeply troubled song by Okkervil River about the death of poet John Berryman on his site this week. The song integrates an autobiographical narration of the poet's death with a manic version of the old sea shanty popularily known as "Sloop John B." It's worth a listen.

Update: "Is there anything you'd like readers to know about the book?"

"Buy it, scum," says Ellis, affectionately (I think).

He sounds like death warmed over (as jealous as I am of the lifestyle, I don't think I'd wish a book tour on my worst enemy). But Warren kindly answered semi-intelligent queries about the origins and creation of Crooked Little Vein, the proposed film adaptation of Ocean, and his plans to elude the ghost of Joss Whedon when he takes over Astonishing X-Men.

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