Monday, August 13, 2007

Creepy Lives!

It's no secret that I grew up on and, in point of fact, learned to read from comic books.

However, it is a little-known secret that there was absolutely no filter on what I was given. Eight years old and my lair was filled with horrible images, tales, and screams from the pages of Warren Magazines. If you remember them, they were the full-sized magazine-style black-and-white comics usually found in gas stations next to old Playboys and tins of chewing tobacco. With titles like Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella, these were brilliantly told and illustrated stories of horror, time travel, robots and ghosts that made Heavy Metal magazine look like Disney by comparison.

One of my prized possesions, actually, is a copy of Creepy #4 from September of 1981 that I always remembered, and rediscovered in a market stall in a rather unsavory corner of London. Complete with a Frank Frazetta cover, it has the bleak time travel story "The Nut," about a scientist who's found a tunnel through time; "Son of the Nut," with the same functional portal serving as an escape hatch for two beleagured men of the present; and "Mindwar," an Orson Scott Card-like story of the last battle between two great civilizations and the personal cost for the men who fought it.

Knowing that, I'm ecstatic to hear the magazines have been resurrected for a new generation. Mike Richardson at Dark Horse Comics tells me that the company will relaunch both Creepy and Eerie in early 2008. As well as movie and television tie-ins, Dark Horse also plans to produce archive editions showcasing the magazines' glory days.

The good guys at DH are working with a ventured called the New Comic Company, which acquired all rights in all media to the Creepy and Eerie comic book series earlier this year and was formed by New York based Submarine Entertainment and Los Angeles based Grand Canal Film Works.

Contributors are expected to include Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and the master artist Bernie Wrightson (Cycle of the Werewolf, the original Creepy). I vote for Ben Templesmith and Darick Robertson to make the team, too. Who's your vote for most likely to land at Creepy?


Gonzalo B. said...

Bruce Jones? How about Don McGregor and Steve Gerber? One can always dream.

John Cocktoastan said...

I am a witness that your parents always let you do whatever you wanted. I will never forget your dad giving me my first Coors Light in 10th grade (not my first booze, since my dad is an alchy extroidinaire) but I enjoyed it nonetheless and thought I was pretty cool.