Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Not Even Funny.

I don't follow all that many of my fellow writers on the web but there are a handful that just jump out at you with their clever writing and lunatic access to that giant, interconnected web of cool artists, musicians and thespians. Some people are just completely wired to what's happening in the weird world of pop culture.

I knew of Daniel Robert Epstein from his amazing interviews at SuicideGirls (Yes, I read it for the articles. Sue me). But he was also always bouncing around at Newsarama, UGO and various other melting pots of cultural miscellanea. The man was just profanely prolific and seemed to have interviewed every cult figure in the known universe. A couple of times, I contemplated sending him a note saying how much I liked his work, but I never got around to it.

Damn my eyes if I wasn't too late. He died Tuesday night. He was 31. His last blog entry was at 3:33 on Tuesday: "i'm so sick its not even funny"

You can find tributes and leave your godspeeds at Dark Horizons, SuicideGirls, CHUD, ComingSoon, Newsarama and various other spontaneous memorials. His interviews at SG are probably the best example of his work but you can also read past interviews with him here, and here.


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Jason said...

I just read about this an hour ago - no idea how I missed it. It is tragic - 31 years old. I can't even imagine.