Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rankin odds n' ends

Ian Rankin's bloody busy, isn't he?. In addition to scribbling his serial novel for The New York Times, it appears the boy in the old bloke will surface to write a new adventure for John Constantine. From The Scotsman:

The Edinburgh author is to fulfill a childhood ambition by writing a graphic novel based on the adventures of John Constantine, a supernatural sleuth who investigates the paranormal. Constantine appears in the Hellblazer comic book series and Rankin has agreed to contribute an instalment in a deal struck during an American book tour. Rankin was reported to have said: "It is fantastic I can now do the things I wanted to do when I was ten years old.

He's also given The Guardian a peek at his office, which I'm disturbed to find is not all that dissimilar to my own. I envisioned some sort of dreary gothic cathedral with candles and smoke and a billystick and a flagon of ale. Instead, it's bright and sunny and cheerful and messy. Go figure.

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