Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Joseph Arthur's Poetic Meltdown

In the interest of full disclosure, I occasionally scribble book reviews for Paste Magazine. It's actually a nicely composed, intelligent music rag, which is a singular anomaly these days given the general flimsiness of Rolling Stone and the adolescent sub-prose of Blender. But I can’t help sharing this bizarre exchange between Joseph Arthur, the apparently delicate composer of the devinely lyrical song “In The Sun,” recently covered by Michael Stipe for charity, and the magazine. Stereogum has the details, including Arthur’s response:

Paste should be more like its name
Meaning it should smack you about more
Have reviews by poets like me about itself

(hey wait a minute)
Paste should take more chances

Offend more
Be more misunderstood
It tries too hard to appeal to some fantastical
demographic of pretend people who like
pretend music
Singing pretend songs

To plastic ears bleeding internally into a brain
folding over itself just because
Paste is a caricature of itself
If it were a color it would be beige

Freaky deaky. Apparently Arthur wanted a column and got all pouty about it. I'm not sure poetry would work on my own editors...

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