Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday, Surveyed

Fridays are good. Not only has the weary working week finally come to its bitter end but I often have reviews out in the hefty entertainment sections. Today, you can find my feature review of Heyday, the new historical novel by former Spy Magazine editor Kurt Andersen, in the Spotlight section of the Rocky Mountain News.

While looking through the Rocky's latest books section, I also found this great one-off article from the past week, a long-ish philosophical reconsideration of Phillip K. Dick. Even better - everything is a circle, you know - it's written by Denver transplant Adrian McKinty, who recently completed his dark crime trilogy with The Bloomsday Dead. I gave McKinty's new novel a look-see in my latest mystery column at Bookslut.

In other mediums, there's an article about the intriguing new television series The Riches at CNN. Although the article bizarrely labels its lead character a "grafter" (probably meant to be "grifter," I imagine), it gives a decent overview. The series, which follows a pair of modern-day gypsy-slash-criminal sorts, debuts on Monday. I don't know how they got this cast but I'm hoping the material is worth their talents: it stars the criminally underrated Minnie Driver and the genius of Eddie Izzard. Although I have to say, the last time I saw Eddie was at Wembley Arena, where he was being broadcast on a two-story screen, complete with fake breasts and thigh-high leather pumps, so this could be a largely different encounter.

Also from the idiot box, you can read Aaron Sorkin's flailing defense of Studio 60 at The Chicago Tribune. It's just like the fable of Icarus, only with drug-addled scriptwriters who don't know when to quit. That goes for the series and Sorkin, for that matter, who managed to screw up one of the only programs I was bothering to watch.

I'm off to delve into Chuck Palahniuk's latest, Rant, which arrived from Doubleday this morning. Let the disturbance commence.

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