Friday, February 23, 2007

Kirkus Reviews: Mystery Special

George Carlin used to say that the name of this game is "Dig me," so here goes.

I'm pleased to divulge that the new Kirkus Reviews book special has been published and it's a subject near and dear to my black little heart: Mysteries and Thrillers. I wrote a good-sized chunk of it, interviewing some very cool writers along the way. My contributions include the features on Elmore Leonard, Walter Mosley, James Bond, and Alexander McCall Smith and spotlights on new books from CJ Box, Donald E. Westlake and Ridley Pearson.

Let me share a little insight into the creative process: trying to compress a one-hour interview with a guy like Walter Mosley down to a 300-word feature is like trying to make a diamond from a rock, using only your forehead.

Oh, the special is in .PDF format, so you need an Acrobat Reader to open it. Note that because it's a big graphic-intensive file, it might take a minute or two to load.

The Kirkus Reviews Mysteries and Thrillers Special: a lot of bloody murder. In a very small box.

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