Monday, January 22, 2007

That's Lunch

I'm not sure I would cough up $1,250.00 for a seaside lunch with Carl Hiaasen myself but it's a an admirable fundraising concept, benefiting the Volunteer Florida Foundation and its efforts to boost literacy in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, it would seem certain that the state needs their efforts. Just look at their Governor.

I see the Foundation has also listed their other auctions online. Now, Brad Meltzer would manage to talk books and anything else just fine over a free meal; I talked to Brad about his new book The Book of Fate last year and he was a very open and clever interview subject. That Mother's Day luncheon at the Four Seasons with Mary and Carol Higgins Clark creeps me out, though.

For now, maybe you better just stick to Carl's new book, Nature Girl. You can read my slightly over-the-top review in the Rocky Mountain News if you need an introduction.